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Exercising the Old Way?

Watch and in 4 Minutes everything will Change
"I was shocked how fast my body toned up. My Pickleball friends are all envious of how fast I am on the court now. Every Pickleball Player wanting to get better should have B3 Bands"

- Lisa W. from Denver Colorado

"I can now work out in 15 minutes right in my office. The pump I get feels like I was in the gym for an hour. Every Professional with a Busy Schedule needs B3 Bands"

- Craig K. from Dayton OH

"I am a busy gym owner that has been exercising all my life for an hour or more. I was shocked at what a 4 minute legs workout did with B3 Bands. Now I do all my exercise faster and better with B3 Bands"

- Jeannine G. from Preston Idaho

"My husband and I had given up on weight loss programs. Then we started walking the dog with B3 Bands. We lost 40 lbs in 6 weeks. If you are trying to lose weight, you need a set of B3 Bands"

- Kathy and Ronnie D. Fort Worth Texas

"Competing in National Pickleball Championships requires on court explosiveness and stamina. Before B3 Bands, I would work out an hour. Now I work anywhere in the Bands for 20 minutes and my performance and endurance has increased substantially"

- Scott M. from Colorado Springs CO

"As soon as I started training with B3 Bands, my speed increased dramatically. After 8 weeks, I went to a Big Football Camp and ran a 4.35 40-yard dash and earned multiple D-1 Football Scholarships. These Bands are legit"

- Colin D. from Centerville Ohio

"I implemented the B3 Bands to reduce weight and pain in my body. I was shocked at the results. Not only did I feel better, my biceps are more defined and I am leaner. What really surprised me, I did not run with Bands, but my running Endurance improved thanks to lifting light weights with the B3 Bands"

- Ingrid B. 3-Time USA Olympian, Gunnison CO

"I compete in the Senior Olympics and had never won more than 1 Gold Medal. I would have never thought that training less with B3 Bands would lead to 6 Gold Medals. Every Athlete should be using B3 Bands"

- Dr. Dennis B. from Springboro OH

The Only Multiple Air Chamber Bands

Only B3 Bands have Multiple Air Chambers (Patented)

  • B3 Bands do not create a Tourniquet Effect
  • B3 Bands do not require a Doppler to measure Blood Flow
  • #1 Bands for Safety
  • #1 Bands for Comfort
  • #1 Bands for Ease-of-use
  • Preferred Bands of USA Olympic Teams

Most Comfortable
Used by the Pros

After Burn  - The Secret to Weight Loss

You can't Lose Weight Permanently without 'After Burn'

  • Learn this Secret Harvard Medical wants you to Know
  • With B3 BFR Bands, you can access 'After Burn' in less than 20 minutes a day
  • You will never have to go to the Gym or do High Intensity Exercise once you start using BFR
  • With B3 BFR Bands, Weight Loss happens Fast and Fat is Shredded
  • Guaranteed to Lose Weight Fast in 30 Days or Your Money Back
  • Optional $0 Down / 0% Interest 6 Payment Program via PayPal

After Burn
Less than 20 mins/day
Guaranteed Weight Loss!

Breakthrough in Athletic Performance

B3 Bands are Changing the Game

  • Athletes at every Age and every Level
  • Basketball, Football, Baseball, Soccer, Pickleball, Tennis, Volleyball, Swimming, & more
  • Bodybuilders, Weight-lifters and Power-lifters are Achieving New Levels
  • Runners, Bikers, Swimmer, and Tri-Athletes are Breaking all their Personal Bests
  • Guaranteed Athletic Results in 30 Days
  • Every Athlete is assigned a Personal B3 Coach to assist
  • Learn the 4 Profound Effects of adding B3 Bands

Up Your Game
Hit a Deeper Fatigue
Get Better Results

 Take a 30-Day Test Drive 

Guaranteed Results or your Money Back

  • $290 of Free Gear and Free BFR Coaching
  • Our B3 BFR Bands come with a 30 Day Program & your Personal BFR Coach to assist you at anytime
  • Free Set of Exercising Tubing so you can Workout Anywhere
  • B3 BFR Bands come with No Risk 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • B3 BFR Bands come with 12 Month No Hassle Warranty
  • Optional $0 Down / 0% Interest 6 Payment Program via PayPal

1/2 the Time
1/2 the Weight
Better Results!

Backed by Science

Your Body and Health changes Fast with HGH

  • With B3 BFR Bands Growth Hormone (HGH) Surges
  • Most people have never experienced a HGH Surge from their Exercise until they use B3 BFR Bands
  • Normal Exercise cannot do this for 99% of People
  • Build Strength & Muscle Fast with B3 BFR Bands
  • Proven to burn Fat & shed Weight Fast
  • Improves Function and Performance Fast
  • Health Benefits to Heart, Bones, Brain & More
  • B3 BFR Bands are as Safe as Normal Vigorous Exercise
  • BFR is Backed by Science and Research

If for any Reason you are Not 100% Satisfied, Contact Us within 30 Days for a Full Refund

Growth Hormone Surges
Backed by Science
Proven Safe

B3 Certified BFR Coach

Become a B3 Certified BFR Coach

  • Tap into the Fast Growing BFR Industry
  • Become one of the Exclusive B3 Coaches in your Area
  • Free Success Mentor-ship Training on B3 BFR Bands
  • Access to B3 BFR Online Certification Program
  • With our B3 BFR Bands, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Optional $0 Down / 0% Interest 6 month Payment Program

Tap into the Fast Growing BFR Industry and Build a Big Income Stream with your own B3 Home Based Business

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How do the Bands Work Video

Personalized BFR Programs

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Perform Better

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"I multi-tasked for hours after trying Alert, incredible brain power and no Jitters! "

-Easten D. from Columbus Ohio

"Love the flavor of Satisfy. Turned off my hunger until dinner and no afternoon crash! "

-Nori R. from Frisco Texas

"Meal shake is delicious and filling. Did not eat again until Dinner! "

- Hollie S. from Park City Utah

"Made a delicious morning Smoothie with Start. Felt awesome all day! "

- Mike H. from Plano Texas