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Chiropractors Have Discovered Blood Flow Restriction Bands

“The acceptance of BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) Bands by the Chiropractic community has been overwhelming,” stated Dr. Mike DeBord, Founder and President of B3 Sciences. “The science of BFR training is proven in not just numerous research studies but also by the testimonials of Olympic and professional athletes. The benefits are available to anyone for athletic training, routine exercise, or physical therapy. The age of users of BFR bands run from 8 to 80.”

Dr. Mike DeBord Educates Chiropractors About Blood Flow Restriction Bands

Dr. DeBord has been traveling across the United States and presenting his patented product to Chiropractors and Physical Therapists for the past few months. The most recent event was held in Milwaukee, WI. The purpose was to educate regional chiropractors about Blood Flow Restriction Bands and provide the doctors with 6 hours of license renewal credits. Approximately 330 Chiropractors attended a 6 hour training with Dr. DeBord. The training educated them on the BFR technology and how BFR Bands can be implemented in their chiropractic practice. The Chiropractors’ goal of using BFR bands is to improve patient outcomes.

What Did The 330 Chiropractors Think About BFR bands?

“One of the most interesting seminars I’ve taken in the past 28 years.  The information is immediately applicable to patients in a meaningful and profound way. Straightforward, simple and researched to be both safe and effective. Highly recommended.”

Dr. Ken Otto
Appleton, Wisconsin

“The six hour BFR seminar by Dr. DeBord this last weekend at Fetterman events [was] very well presented and easy to understand and implement. I am excited about the new way to exercise in a short period of time and get better results than the old long grueling painful exercises of the past. Since almost everyone can do this in 10 to 20 minutes and get all the benefits of exercise, I encourage everyone to get on the bands.”

Dr Steve Jennings
Rensselaer, Indiana

“The BFR course I attended was amazing.  It opened up a whole new area of exercise that I wasn’t aware of. This will make exercise more efficient and less stressful on the body and allow me to change how we do it in my clinic and community.”

Kurt A Simons, D.C.
Waukesha, WI

What Are The Benefits Of Blood Flow Restriction Bands?

Dozens of research studies have demonstrated that the use of Blood Flow Restriction bands is an effective and safe rehabilitation tool. The bands major advantages are that they will help increase muscle strength with lighter or no weights and they will minimize joint strain.

B3 BFR Bands

What Exactly Does A Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractic is a licensed healthcare profession that is focused on the human neuromusculoskeletal system, which is considered the bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The profession emphasizes the body’s ability to heal itself.

Primary chiropractic treatment techniques involve manual therapy or manipulation of the spine, neck, other joints, and soft tissues. Other treatments may include exercises and nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

Blood Flow Restriction bands helps injured patients recover more quickly

Blood flow restriction training has become more popular with athletes in recent years. The same is true concerning the use of BFR bands with physical therapy patients and chiropractic patients. This has huge implications for the treatment of injured patients in the future. Patients can perform exercises with little or no weights which reduces the load or stress on injured tendons, ligaments, and joints.

Athletes have also found that they can create muscle strength and muscle growth with lighter weights. Many of them have added BFR training to their training programs.

People Using Blood Flow Restriction Bands

Pre-op ortho patients
Post-op ortho patients
Patients in recovery situations
Bedrest and/or immobilized patients
Geriatric populations
Professional athletes
Body builders

Does BFR Training Increase Muscle Size?

Muscle hypertrophy is an increase in the number of muscle cells and the growth of muscle cells. The term hypertropy usually refers to an increase in muscle size due to exercise. The most common method to gain muscle size is to lift weights.

Research studies have shown that BFR Training does increase muscle growth. In technical terms, it stimulates anabolic signaling and muscle protein synthesis. This muscle growth, accomplished with BFR bands, can be achieved with much lower weights which minimizes joint strain.

Dr. DeBord has been meeting with health professionals from both the Chiropractic community and the Physical Therapy community about improving patient outcomes with blood flow restriction therapy. It is a new tool that is largely unknown to these professions. But Dr. DeBord intends to change that with his nationwide tours.

“I have been committed to better health and better recovery outcomes for the injured all of my adult life. Blood Flow Restriction Training is becoming a far more important aspect of health maintenance and health recovery every day. I am excited to be a part of this transition to better health,” stated Dr. DeBord.